What will the study identify?

The study will identify at-risk companies and will include an action plan to mitigate the effects of federal defense budget cuts.  The supply chain study will also include an assessment of products that are currently imported into the state, but have the potential to be procured locally in NC.


What information will be collected?

The information collected will include but will not be limited to:

  • Company Name

  • Company Contact Information

  • Current DOD Economic Impacts

  • Baseline Economic Data

  • Quality Certifications

  • Special Business Certifications

  • A list of materials utilized for manufacturers (if applicable)


Will my information be shared?

The information from all data collected will be aggregated and used to produce a final report.  That report along with any findings will be presented to various economic development stakeholders. 


How will this study benefit my specific company?

The supply chain study will prepare service providers and manufacturers for economic diversification. The information gathered can lead to real-time business intelligence and that in turn can lead to shorter cash-to-cash cycle times. Maintaining a tight connection with supply chain partners will improve an organizations’ overall performance. This project will map a strategy that will capitalize on the competitive advantages of North Carolina’s defense industry and develop response protocols to those defense reliant industries at risk or that have the potential to expand beyond their defense contracts.

How do I know my firm’s confidential information will be protected?

All firms sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) as a condition of acceptance into the program. This NDA protects the firm by ensuring that its  partners cannot divulge any information shared.

Do I need to pay an application fee?

There is no application fee for applying to NC DIDI.

How much input will be expected of me once my organization is admitted to the NCDIDI Pilot Program?

NC State University IES's experienced project managers will work closely with you and ensure your time is well-utilized. However, for real progress, we will require your interest and inputs on an ongoing basis, depending on the task being performed.  You should think of your engagement with NC DIDI as engagement with a consultant and plan to devote the time, resources, and collaborative spirit you would put into making such an engagement a success.


What is the criteria for taking part in the DIDI Pilot Project?


The criteria for a participating can be found here: The Pilot

While the following are not ‘required’ criteria, we are curious to know whether:

  • Your business is interested in the development of growth and/or diversification strategies and/or in adopting advanced intellectual property and/or technologies

  • Your business possesses the technical capabilities and capacities, with reasonably sophisticated processes and facilities, a basic research and development capability and a skilled engineering staff


If you think your company meets the criteria please contact:

Rex Raiford, Regional Manager

Industry Expansion Solutions