The North Carolina Military Business Center

The North Carolina Military Business Center (NCMBC) is a business development entity of the North Carolina Community College System, headquartered at Fayetteville Technical Community College (FTCC).  The mission of the NCMBC is to leverage military and other federal business opportunities to expand the economy, grow jobs and improve quality of life in North Carolina.

The NCMBC’s primary goal is to increase federal revenues for businesses in North Carolina.  The Department of Defense has an annual impact of $48 billion and is the second largest sector of North Carolina’s economy (12% GDP). With six major military bases, 116 National Guard and 40 Army Reserve facilities and the third highest number of uniformed military personnel in the country, the State of North Carolina created the NCMBC to leverage opportunities with these installations and with DoD commands worldwide.

To connect North Carolina businesses with all federal opportunities, including local opportunities at bases in the state, the NCMBC administers the State’s official, FREE web portal for federal contracting –  North Carolina businesses register on the portal, receive automatic matches to federal prime opportunities and to subcontracting opportunities posted by other registered businesses, and post job opportunities for FREE that match job skills posted by registered individuals.

The North Carolina Defense Business Association

The North Carolina Defense Business Association provides information, connections, and networking opportunities to members to build relationships and promote defense related business within the state of North Carolina.

The North Carolina Defense Business Association is comprised of a group of businesses with interests in military contracting, government affairs and supporting the state’s military installations.  The purpose of the Association is to build the Defense and Homeland Security industry clusters at military installations in North Carolina.

The Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUB) Office - North Carolina Department of Administration

The HUB Office is an organization that advocates actions which increase opportunities for historically underutilized businesses and promotes diversity and inclusion in state government procurement and contracting.  The HUB office was established to:

  • Increase the amount of goods and services acquired by state agencies from businesses owned and controlled by HUB firms;

  • Work towards eliminating barriers that reduce the participation of HUB firms in the marketplace, and in state government procurement and contracting;

  • Encourage purchasing officers and capital project coordinators within the state agencies, departments, universities and community colleges to identify and utilize HUB vendors, contractors and service providers;

  • Educate HUB firms on “How To Do Business” with the State of North Carolina; and

  • Provide resources for HUB firms.

Research Triangle Institute - Innovation for Economic Growth

Our team integrates expertise across a broad set of disciplines, such as impact analyses, technology commercialization and university/private-sector partnership programs, to strengthen elements of the innovation ecosystem. We are also uniquely capable of combining expertise in fields relevant to economic growth—such as energy, food and agriculture, and health systems—with multiscale capacity-building experience to ensure that innovation-led economic growth policies, initiatives, and programs gain traction and deliver measurable results.

The North Carolina Manufacturers Alliance

Since 1988 the North Carolina Manufacturers Alliance (NCMA) has been the leading advocate for manufacturers before North Carolina regulatory agencies and the N.C. General Assembly on environmental, health, safety, energy, tax and other issues impacting manufacturers doing business in North Carolina. We are “The Voice of North Carolina Manufacturers”.


The North Carolina Veterans Business Association

NC VetBiz was formed to assist veterans, veteran professionals, and veteran business owners.  As a member–operated association of veteran professionals and business owners, our intent is to develop and strengthen a veterans’ business network in North Carolina.

The Association is the voice in North Carolina for businesses owned by veterans and service–disabled veterans. By leveraging our collective, we are able to address business issues affecting our membership and work to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes for the business community and North Carolina. Strengthening veteran owned businesses enables them to contribute to North Carolina’s economic vibrancy and empowers them to hire other veterans.

The North Carolina Veteran's Business Association, doing business as NC VetBiz, is a 501 (c)(3) association headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina.



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