Does Your Company Qualify?


Applying to NC DIDI is easy. Our staff can help determine your company’s eligibility. There is no cost to find out if you will qualify! We encourage you to evaluate your eligibility before you reach out to us, using the following criteria or by reviewing in the UPGRADE Policies and Procedures Guide.

  • Your company must be an independent company or wholly owned subsidiary with headquarters in North Carolina.

  • Your company MUST BE in the AEROSPACE  supply chain.

  • Currently, NC DIDI is open to working with both prime and sub-prime companies in the defense supply chain.  We welcome small-to-medium size manufacturers (20 to 300 Employees)  to apply! Our strategy will be customized to suit your type of business!

  • We work with appropriate non-manufacturing businesses, too. (information technology, biotech service, maintenance and repair, etc.)

  • Must have at least five full-time employees.

  • Must be current on all state tax obligations.

Your business has seen in the past 24 months (or you have reason to believe will see in the next 24 months):

  • At least a 5% decrease in sales, production, or employment due to reduction in defense contracts.

  • Must be a prime defense contractor or subcontractor to a prime defense contractor affected by defense budget reductions or impending budget reductions and have at least 10% business revenue derived from DoD contracts or as a subcontract.

Most importantly, your business must be interested in the development of growth and/or diversification strategies and/or in adopting advanced intellectual property and/or technologies.

That includes (but is not limited to):

  • Core strengthening

  • Market diversification and growth

  • New technology commercialization

  • ISO Management System Implementation

  • ISO System Certification

  • Risk Management Analysis

  • Total Cost Ownership

  • Project Management

  • Efficiency Improvement

Your management team needs to be dedicated to improving and growing their business because the team at NC DIDI will be dedicated to helping them.

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